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Alon Diamant-Cohen

I'm a Digital Anthropologist and Cloud Security Manager based out of Baltimore Maryland.

I'm Alon DC

I'm a cloud security lead, project manager, and Digital Anthropologist based in Nashville

I adopt systematic approaches to undestand and optimize envrionments, tools, and projects for companies of all sizes. I specialize in interpreting complex datasets, adopting a culturally grounded approach, and delivering measurable results on time.

My passion centers around building and tweaking systems so they deliver the best user experiences and data through bold interfaces and meaningful interactions.

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Research Experience
Cybersecurity Experience

My Skills

My diverse multi-cultural background enables me to understand the human, technical, and data-driven aspects of projects.

Qualitative Research

I have collected qualitative data by applying the traditional ethnographic and anthropological techniques in new digital enviornments. My work has created new schemes for non-traditional data, that have been published in peer reviewed journals.

Mixed-Method Analysis

I incorporate Mixed-Method techniques and platforms in my work. This allows me to rapidly achieve the potential for both highly segmented summaries and larger overall insights. I use text analytics to dive deeper into the initial Mixed-Method insights.

Cloud Security

I have experiences managing and operating cybersecurity services in a private cloud enviornment. Specifically, I have worked within the umbrella of cybersecurity operations as an analyst, engineer, manager, and data scientist roles.


I focus on empowering my teams to quickly accomplish our objectives. My diverse array of skills and multifaceted background help me lead teams of cross talented individuals. I studied organizational leadership under Boas Shamir one the worlds leading scholars on the subject.


My extensive anthropological background grants me the ability to account for the important role that culture and community play in communication. I adopt holistics perspectives to frame, contextualize, and understand the sublties of communication in different settings.


I have published a peer reviewed article, a masters thesis and an undergraduate thesis. In addition, I have authored and edited non-academic publications and RFP responses and proposals. I love writing collaboratively with other authors, and am always on the lookout for my next collaborator.

Understand. Optimize. Migrate. Automate.

By applying my organizational science and systems approach to framing situation I can rapidly design and develop services and systems for problems of all sizes, in all sorts of place. I specializing in creating well-defined repeatable processes, that cut out a lot of manual work and produce high-fidelity data. My passion of melding human culture and technology together produces internal results that are immidiately notable and improve further with time.

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Mixed-Method Coding
Agile Project Management
digital ethnography

My Professional Portfolio

I lead teams to delivery timely results that exceed expectations on a regular basis. My servant leadership approach combined with my extensive academic and technological training help me communicate effective solutions to all project stakeholders. My passion lies in planning and executing elegant smart solutions to complicated problems

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  • Mixed-Method Coding
  • Project Management
  • Application Building
  • Mother Goose on the Loose - Online Construction Kit (OCK) Application
    Join me as I explore the Mother Goose On the Loose Online Construction Web Application in this short video. This particular walkthrough dives into the databases structure, browsing, and new content submissions.
  • Relaunching www.mgol.net Under Budget and On Time!
    As the leader of this work I recruited resources, managed development plans, and adjusted our goals in weekly sprints to keep my team constantly delivering high quality results. The final result is visible at www.mgol.net
  • Downloading Culture
    My exploratory work sought to illuminate the construct of community in private file-sharing collectives that used peer-to-peer torrenting technology. This work resulted in the publication of a masters thesis and a peer-reviewed article.
  • Digital Religion
    As a part of the LINKS iCore team of researchers at the University of Haifa, I participated in a research project that analyzed ways in which primordial communities (re)form social boundaries through the use of new media (i.e. the Internet, mobile communication) and knowledge constructed online. This project focused on achieving a better understanding of Jewish (sometimes religious) App developers using the a Mixed-Method coding scheme I developed to understand and interpret data.

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Fostering a Culture of Security and Transparency

Fostering a Culture of Security and Transparency

Working to build a Culture of Trust and Security in an enterprise cloud enviornment is not easy. In this post I discuss the ins and outs of being delibrate in creating and enforcing organizational culture.

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Pro's and Con's of Project Management Platforms

Are you considering what project management platform you should use? I review the pro's and con's of a number of popular project management platforms in this post.

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Decision Making

Get Out of Decision Purgatory

I'm excited to share a real-life approach to getting decision-making done that considers two factors: Immediacy vs. amount of information. Understanding the huge impact of these these two competing factors is critcial to effective decision-making.

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Alon podcast

Junior Developer Toolbox Podcast - Exploring Information Security with Alon Diamant-Cohen

I'm excited to share a chaper of the Junior Developer podacast dedicated to my work and IT experiences in academic, start-up, and corporate environments.

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